The book of Hebrews is a masterpiece of Christian apologetics. Each chapter uncovers a personal God who invites us into an intimate relationship with Him. In the pages of this unique New Testament book we encounter a loving Creator who has entered into the experience of the human race, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Explore this book and find a better way.

1a. A Better High Priest [Hebrews 7:1-10] Milo Wilson - 03.19.17
You need to know Melchizedek because he’s a type of Christ, and you need to know Christ.

1b. A Better Hope [Hebrews 7:11-25] Milo Wilson - 03.26.17
Jesus our high priest guarantees hope of salvation for all who draw near to God through Him.

Care Corridors  
As we invite every man, woman, and child to find your place at Randall Church we are keenly aware that our church has to find its place in this community as well. Therefore, we have organized ourselves in geographically based corridors all around the region in 12-24 family units. Each corridor has an elder overseeing spiritual needs, and 2-4 deacons / deaconesses attending to physical needs. While this organization begins with the people we know, the list is ever-expanding to include additional previously unknown neighbors with physical and spiritual needs as well.

Congregational Care 
As the body of Christ, we are to love one another as family. Practically this means that we take care of each other. At Randall, we desire to use all the gifts in our congregation to address the needs of each of our congregants consistently and holistically. These needs are spiritual, familial, medical, financial, social, psychological, and educational. As a body, we want to address any area where we may be of assistance. In some instances it will require the elder/deacon(ess) to apply Scripture appropriately to the stated concern. Other times it will be sacrificing time and energy to personally meet the need. It may mean contacting other church members and rallying them to help care for someone’s yard or car. Other times it will be alerting the deacon fund of a particular financial need of a member. It will always include personal specific prayer, encouragement, correction, and questioning. 

The Bottom Line 
All people matter to God, so all people matter to us. We want to be a church that is impacting an ever-expanding community of people. We can help people from different political viewpoints, different cultures, and different generations. We will model a respect and a reciprocal love for one another that goes beyond hospitality and social politeness. We will show our world there is a better way to live together. We believe these corridors empower the body to do so.

Email to be placed in a care corridor. We look at where you live, and connect you with others in your immediate community.
We invite every man, woman and child to “find their place” in three relationships: UPward in Christ, INward in the Church and OUTward in the Community. Connect Events help you get to know others and point you towards Ministry Tracks that serve as guides as you “find your place” here at Randall. Look around the website to see how we live this out, then email to get started.

Malachi shows us what happens when God's people stop worshipping Him from their hearts, making religion just a routine. After God returned Judah from exile to their land, they fell into the danger of taking God for granted and pursuing their own selfish desires. Malachi spoke words of warning to Judah, calling them back to see and experience sincere worship and obedience. 

1. Are You Just Going Through The Motions? [Malachi 1:1-5] Milo Wilson - 02.12.17 
To overcome indifference towards God’s love, consider His historical love for people.

2. Are You Serving God The Leftovers? [Malachi 1:6-2:9] Milo Wilson - 02.19.17 
To promote God’s glory among the nations, we must give Him the best of our lives.

3. Do You Honor Your Commitments? [Malachi 2:10-16] Dan Davis - 02.26.17 
Develop God’s perspective on marriage and cultivate your relationship with your spouse

4. How Do You Treat God? [Malachi 2:17-3:12] - Mario Delgado - 03.05.17 
If we have robbed God, we must return to Him and give abundantly to His kingdom purposes

5. Will You Ever Listen? [Malachi 3:13-4:6] - Milo Wilson - 03.12.17
The key to reconciled relationships and families is that we obey God’s Word.