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DNA. It’s the thing that God has designed inside of us that helps us become who we were meant to be. People have a DNA. Our church has a DNA, too. Our DNA is unchangeable; it is what marks our identity.  It is how God has put us together so we can function for His Kingdom and His glory.  Join us for as we journey through the topic of the specific DNA God has given us!

1. Discover FAITH in Christ (UPward) [1 John 1, John 4]
Jesus calls us to Himself so that we can discover intimacy with God and the Fruit of the Spirit.

2. Nurture HOPE in the Church (INward) [1 John 1, Ephesians 4]
Jesus forms us together into a people to nurture spiritual multiplication and personal purpose.

3. Awaken LOVE in the Community (OUTward) [1 John 1, 1 Peter 3]
Jesus awakens love for others so we would communicate Him through our grace stories and prioritized life.

This year's Fall Festival will take place Friday September 8th, from 5:00-8:00PM at Randall Church. Come enjoy the petting zoo, horse & pony rides, hay rides, crafts, face painting, bounce houses, climbing wall, food trucks, music, games and more! Admission is free so join us as we kick off the fall!

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Churches can choose to be driven by a variety of influences. However, God calls His church to be driven by the grace of Jesus Christ. In the book of Titus, we see that grace drives a church toward Godliness in every realm. Join us, and be transformed by the glorious Gospel of the grace of Jesus!

1. Getting Behind The Wheel: Driver-less Cars [Titus 1:1-4] Dan Davis - 07.02.17
Paul tells us the fundamental characteristics of the Christian life cultivated in one another.

2. The Driver’s Seat: Piloting The Family Vehicle [Titus 1:5-9] Milo Wilson - 07.09.17
The Church is established as an outpost in a dark world. We must hold firmly to the Gospel.

3. Emergency Braking: Guarding the Church Family [Titus 1:10-16] Milo Wilson - 07.16.17
False teaching must be steered clear from, for it undermines the very foundation that the Church is built upon.

4. Coordinated Driving: Becoming A Healthy Church Family [Titus 2:1-10] Milo Wilson - 07.23.17
The Church grows as God’s Word spreads through people, when good deeds, discipleship and doctrine align.

5. Defensive Driving: How Grace Navigates A Church Family [Titus 2:11-15] Bryan Long - 07.30.17
Whereas sin turns us away from God towards ourselves, the Gospel empowers us to live holy lives before Him.

6. Avoiding Distractions: Transformed Family Living [Titus 3:1-11] Milo Wilson - 08.06.17
The Gospel remodels us into faithful people who emulate Christ through our words, lives, and deeds.

7. A Grace Driven Winner’s Circle: Remembering The Pit Crew [Titus 3:12-15] Nick Calgano - 08.13.17
The Gospel changes everything. The Good News connects our daily lives to God’s greater mission.