#RemarkableLife Talk It Over Group Discussion Guide

The gospel of Mark is a short, action-packed book that focuses on how Jesus Christ is the Messiah for every man, woman, and child. Christ--fully man, fully God. But Jesus wasn't the rescuer God's people had imagined, and many didn't recognize Jesus as their answer to prayer. We, too, can miss out on what God wants for us if we're only looking for answers that fit our expectations. Join us for this series as we explore Jesus' heart for people and we can change the world by serving one person at a time and helping them connect with God.

1. Preparing The Way For Christ to Shine (Mark 1:1-13)
Who is Mark, the writer of this gospel, and what is his approach to the gospel story? The messenger prepares the way for the Messiah. The Messiah is introduced, then tempted.

2. Reaching a Region and Ready For Conflict (Mark 1:14-3:12)
Jesus begins His ministry in Galilee, calls Simon, Andrew, James, John and Levi to follow HIm. He performs miracles in the region, thus providing proof of who He is. However, the opposition of the Pharisees and the Jewish religious establishment begins; still the crowds flock to Him.

3. Following The Call Of Christ (Mark 3:13-6:6a)
Jesus chooses the 12 Disciples, calls the crowd to follow HIm, teaches the crowd about the Kingdom of God through parables. He continues to perform more miracles, all of which attest to His power and authority over the physical. the material and the spiritual. However, He is rebuffed in His home town where people took offense at Him and showed an amazing lack of faith.

4. More than a Story Teller (Mark 6:6b - 7)
Jesus and the 12 withdraw from Galilee, and He continues to teach and minister from town to town. John the Baptist is beheaded by King Herod. Jesus feeds 5000 men and those with them, and walks on water, again proving who He is by these and more miracles. In the face of this, the opposition of the Pharisees and the Jewish religious establishment mounts. Though Jesus confronts His opposition, He nevertheless by so doing seeks to show them the true Kingdom of God.

5. Dealing with Difficulties and Doubts (Mark 8:1-21)
Jesus feeds more than 4000, creating food for all from 7 loaves of bread and a few fish. Still the Pharisees ask for a sign, but Jesus says no sign will be given. He then warns the 12 about the false hope of the religious and the world system, and marvels at their lack of understanding.

6. The Turning Point (Mark 8:22-38)
Jesus heals a blind man, and asks the 12 who He is. Peter confesses that Jesus is the Son of God; but Jesus warns them not to tell anyone. He then predicts His death, which marks the turning point in His ministry. He is now to head to Jerusalem and the cross. He preaches that those who follow Him must lose their lives to save them.

7. Seeing Christ for Who He Is (Mark 9:1-10:12)
Jesus continues to speak of His coming death. He takes Peter, James and John up a mountain and is transfigured before them, but orders them not to tell anyone. Later, He heals a boy from demon possession, and continuing towards Jerusalem, teaches about humility, about dealing with sin, and about divorce.

8. A Kingdom Of Children (Mark 10:13-52)
As He travels, Jesus blesses children and teaches about child-like faith, shows how riches can block one's coming into the Kingdom of God. In teaching more about the Kingdom, He speaks to the 12 about His death, and of true servanthood. In a picture of the opening of one's spiritual eyes, He heals another blind man.

9. Real Faith and Real Forgiveness (Mark 11:12-25)
Jesus arrives at Jerusalem as King, and cleanses the Temple. The religious authorities begin to plot His death, and He teaches the 12 about faith.

10. Walking Away From Jesus (Mark 11:27-12:44)
The Jewish authorities question and then reject Jesus, whereupon Jesus teaches about the rejection of God's messengers, taxes, the resurrection, the greatest commandment, the Lordship of the Messiah, and the Godly attitude in giving.

11. Building A Legacy That Lasts (Mark 13:1-37)
As the time approaches for Jesus' crucifixion, He speaks to Peter, James, John and Andrew about the fall of Jerusalem, about the events in the future days, and about His return to the earth in glory.  He warns the disciples (and hence He warns us) to be alert and watchful to what will happen regarding the coming of HIs Kingdom.

12. Shallow Worship (Mark 11:1-11; 14:1-31)
When Jesus arrived at Jerusalem, He rode into the city on a young colt, the mark of a triumphant king.  Not understanding, the crowds shouted "Hosanna!"  They thought He was going to set up His Kingdom.  But Jesus came as the servant who was to give HIs life; and to that end, at dinner, a woman poured perfume over Him to prepare Him for burial.  Even as the religious authorities were conspiring to kill Him and He was being betrayed by Judas, He ate one last mean with His disciples, offering Himself as the Passover Lamb.

13. Truth on Trial and Getting The King's Treatment (Mark 14:32-15:47)
After the last meal with His disciples, they went to the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus went to pray to His Father about His coming death and cup of suffering.  He was arrested without cause by the authorities, His disciples all fled, He was illegally tried by the Sanhedrin, and condemned to death by Pilate for claiming to be God.

14. Why the Resurrection Matters (Mark 16:1-6)
Everything Jesus had preached and said seemed to be in vain; He was dead; His followers were scattered and without hope.  Yet, after 3 days, Jesus arose from the grave just as He had said He would, appeared in person to some of the women who followed Him whom He then instructed to tell His disciples about His resurrection.  True to His word, He was alive! Death and sin were defeated!