The Bible is not a collection of stories. It is one story of God's plan to rescue His people from sin and death. It is the story of redemption, the gospel message of Jesus Christ. And it's our story, too. Encounter God's four major plot movements: Creation, Rebellion, Redemption, and Restoration through this brief Bible narrative series.

Act I: How It All Began 

1. Creation: The Perfect Home [Genesis 1]
God is great not just because nothing is too big, God is great because nothing is too small.

2. Creation: The Breath of Life [Genesis 2]
God created people to reflect His image, engage in productive work, and be morally responsible to Him.

Act II: How It All Went Wrong 

1. Rebellion: The Head & The Heel [Genesis 3]
We must grasp the depth of our depravity to grasp the goodness of the Gospel.

2. Rebellion: The Staircase To Heaven [Genesis 11]
When proud men set themselves against the Sovereign God, God will always win.

3. Rebellion: The Promised Covenant [Genesis 12, 15, 17]
God blesses people as His channel for showing favor for all the nations, despite man’s unworthy status.

4. Rebellion: The Exodus [Exodus 19-25]
While some pursue a life of faith despite its pain, most misguidedly pursue what seems like easy gain.

5. Rebellion: The Conquest [Joshua 1]
When God’s instructions demand complete obedience, many will choose to leave the task unfinished.

6. Rebellion: The Kingdom's Collapse [2 Samuel 7, Jeremiah 31]
Though people clamor after proficiency and power, God rewards obedience, humility, and worship.

Act III: How It All Turned Around 

1. Redemption: The Light In The Darkness [John 1:1-18]
Even when it feels like life is falling apart, God is still working His plan and His plan is still working.

2. Redemption: The Wonderful Surprise [John 19-20]
Our sin deserves death, but God took on death so that we might have life and have it to the fullest.

3. Redemption: The Mission [Matthew 28:16-20, Acts 1:1-11]
Because God has called and equipped us, we can confidently proclaim the gospel to all people. 

4. Redemption: The Church [Romans 12:1-20]
The Church is not a place, it’s not a tradition. We are a people called out to live for God’s purposes.

Act IV: How It Will Never End 

1. Restoration: The Kingdom Age [Matthew 24:1-3, Revelation 1-5]
The Kingdom Age unveils King Jesus: His person, His power and His plan for the future.

2. Restoration: The Rumor Mill [Matthew 24:4-14, Revelation 6-9]
This Gospel will be preached to all the nations, and then the end will come; not before. 

3. Restoration: The Imposter [Matthew 24:15-28, Revelation 10-14]
Let every one of us turn from every other claim on our allegiance, and surrender to the King of kings.

4. Restoration: The Great White Throne [Matthew 24:29-31, Revelation 15-20]
When God's rightful place in all of life is reasserted, we will be stirred to love with risk-taking courage.

5. Restoration: The Restored Kingdom [Matthew 24:32-51, Revelation 21-22]
The invincible purpose of God for all creation will not be complete until all things are made new.