As we begin a new year, we can only guess at what it might hold. However, Jesus knew well in advance the pain of betrayal, arrest and death on the cross awaiting Him in Jerusalem. It is a city of destiny for our Savior. As we explore, may our hearts be softened and amazed at Jesus' desire for people to know the truth of God’s love.

1. The Only Way to Follow Jesus [Luke 9:51-62]
The only way to follow Jesus is with total and reckless abandon.

2. The Crucial Message [Luke 10:1-24]
The Gospel is crucial because salvation is totally from God and not at all from man.
3. Being The Good Samaritan [Luke 10:25-37]
Though we cannot be saved by good works, those who are saved will practice good works.

4. Why Jesus Hates Legalism [Luke 11:37-12:12]
Jesus hates legalism because it does not deal with the condition of our hearts before God.

5. Ready and Watchful [Luke 12:35-53]
We should be ready when Jesus comes and draws a clear line that forces us to take sides.

6. When Tragedy Strikes [Luke 12:54-13:9]
Our God is in control, and God will make things right. He is a God of compassion and a God of perfect justice.

7. Dinner With Jesus [Luke 14:1-24]
Jesus confronts our sin so that we will inherit rewards for all eternity.

8. God’s Lost and Found [Luke 15:1-32]
God goes to great effort to seek lost sinners and He greatly rejoices when they come to repentance.

9. Relationships, Faith and Duty [Luke 17:1-10]
We should not spend our time with focus on more faith, but on more obedience and humility.

10. The Time is Coming [Luke 17:20-37]
To be in God’s present kingdom we must be personally related to God’s King Jesus.

11. Two Rich Men [Luke 18:18-30; 19:1-10]
When Jesus passes by, we should cry out to Him in faith and He will be merciful to us.

12. Doing Business for Jesus [Luke 19:11-27]
We must faithfully do business with what the Master has given us until He returns.