We invite every man, woman, and child to "find your place" in the church and in community. We have organized ourselves in geographically based corridors all around the region to provide care for those in the church and greater community. Each corridor has a pastor/elder overseeing spiritual needs, and 4-6 deacon(ess) focusing on physical needs.

We desire to use all the gifts in our congregation to address needs consistently and holistically. This can look different ways - A pastor/elder checking in on family's spiritual health, giving time and energy to personally meet the need, rallying them to help care for someone’s yard or car, alerting leadership to a particular financial need of a member and many more. We hope to show our world there is a better way to live together.

Go to corridors.randallchurch.org to request placement in your Corridor, or email: corridors@randallchurch.org