We're Glad You're Here

  • We are so glad that you chose to stop by the Randall website today. We hope you find today’s experience to be engaging, inspiring, and helpful.
  • You can join us on Sundays, 6301 Main Street, Williamsville, NY at 10:15 am as God moves us forward to spread His Kingdom. This is a worship gathering designed to help the people of this generation encounter God, consider the gospel claims of Jesus, and be formed as His disciples.
  • Our goal is to create a warm and inviting environment where you feel welcome. If you, at any time, have a question or need assistance, we hope you will seek out one of our friendly and helpful Guest Services team. For even more information about Randall Church, please visit our Welcome Center located in the main foyer.

Sunday Morning Snapshot

  • A typical Sunday service at Randall Church last about 75 minutes and our message is given by one of our teaching pastors. During our services, we love to sing about what God is doing in our lives. We also love to have fun and enjoy each other’s company.
  • You’ll notice there is a time in our service for our people to give financially. While this is something we are called to do in scripture, it’s just our way of saying, “ We love our Church and we want to support it!” However, you should feel zero pressure to give if you are our first time guest.
  • Come as you are and join us as we celebrate what Jesus is doing in our community.We'll take care of the kids. Babies up to 2, Toddlers up to 4 and Preschoolers up to Kindergarten as well as Kings Kids up through 5th grade. 
  • You'll see tee shirts, you'll see jeans. You'll see ties and jackets and you'll see flannel. Wear what you want. We won't judge. You'll see LOTS of babies and kids. You'll see young and old. One thing we all wear is a SMILE!