Websites, Blogs, & Podcasts We Love

The Gospel Coalition |  Articles from parenting, theology, opinion, and current events. One of the best. 

Focus on the Family | A great site all about the family and helping families navigate faith and life.

PluggedIn |  This is a great website for reviews and opinions on movies, tv shows, and other entertainment. 

HomeWord | Blog and devotional site focused on building and encouraging healthy marriages, confident parents, and empowered kids. 

Center for Youth & Parent Understanding | Really helpful for understanding youth culture and talking about it with your kids.

Empowered Homes | Another wonderful site focused on marriages, parenting, and personal spiritual growth

Axis | This site is stuffed full of great content for parents of teenagers. Discussion Kits provide videos and discussion questions about specific topics, articles and blogs, and The Cultural Translator, a weekly email keeping you up to date on what is happening in culture and why it matters.

Articles That We Love

Podcasts We Love

The Family Discipleship Podcast | All about the family and discipling your family well in all aspects of life

Knowing Faith | Theology Podcast that is fun and accessible. 

Confronting Christianity | A podcast about apologetics

Empowered Homes Podcast | Another great podcast about families and discipleship

More to come...