We believe in a heritage of faith for the next generation. This means we celebrate the history of almost 200 years of existence.

Randall Church was founded before the Civil War, and its people were active enough in the underground railroad movement that Pastor Randall commissioned and recruited his own company of men to go and fight in the Battle of Gettysburg. He was wounded there, but still returned home before later succumbing to his injury. Later his wife, Helen Randall established a trust fund that ensured the church would have a future.

100 years and three buildings later, Randall Church is at its current location at 6301 Main St. Williamsville, NY. Ahead of its time, the church constructed a multi-use meeting space that would later become the gymnasium. At the time, church with a gymnasium was very forward-thinking and focused on the next generation of the church finding their place here.

We want to think the same way today. If Randall Church is going to exist 100 years from now, it will continue to provide ways for all people to "find their place" so that they may experience faithfulness of Jesus. For the next generation of kids coming through our care. For the next generation of youth who in an increasingly polarized world. For the next generation of leaders both in the church and present in their circles. For the next generation of Partners and Planters seeking God’s direction for their next steps.

Start by joining us at a Worship Gathering or a Connect Event and come find your place today at Randall Church.